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Resource Center

General Collection

Most of the library’s books are in the General Collection and can be borrowed.

Reference Collection

Books in the Reference Collection include encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, directories, almanacs, atlases, statistical sources, multi-volume sets, indexes, and other materials. These materials can only be used in the library.

Special Collections

The Special Collections holds the Pacific collection, Government Documents, and Archives. Materials from the Special collections can only be used in the library. The Government Documents collection is only available at the National Campus LRC.

Periodicals Collection

Journals, magazines, and newspapers are held in the periodicals collection and can only be used in the library.

Media Collection

Videos, DVDs, and audio CDs are available for instructional use at the National campus Media Instructional Technology Center (MITC) and in the state campus libraries.

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)

Children’s books, curriculum guides, and supplemental resources for teaching are available in the CRC collection. Users may borrow materials from this collection.