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Media Instructional Technology Center
The Media and Instructional Technology Center (MITC) is a division of the College of Micronesia – FSM Learning Resources Center (LRC). The MITC provides audiovisual services in support of the primary mission of the Learning Resources Center (LRC), which is to complement and supplement the programs and curricula of the College faculty, students, and community. Thus, the primary role of the Media and Instructional Technology Center is to support the academic program of the College. As such, we make available various sorts of equipment and production services to faculty, students and staff and to certain extend the FSM public when MITC staff, equipment and such services are available. We prioritize our users into three groups of Academic, Non-Academic/College Related, and Non-College Related. The Academic users include regular College classes that require MITC services. The Non-Academic/College Related criteria includes College functions, College sponsored, or College affiliated nonacademic activities. The Non-College Related is defined as an individual or group that is not part of a regular academic or administrative activity at the College.