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Chapter 5 – Fiscal Affairs

Board Policy No.




Related Administrative Procedure No.


BP5001Budget Preparation and ApprovalAP5001
BP5002Budget ReprogrammingAP5002
BP5003Use of Positive Fund BalanceAP5003
BP5004Increase in Approves Budget ExpendituresAP5004
BP5102Separation of Restricted and Unrestricted FundsAP5102
BP5103Funds from FSM GovernmentAP5103


BP5104Drawing Down Compact FundsAP5104


BP5105Reciept of Cash and Collection PolicyAP5105
BP5106Petty Cash FundAP5106
BP5109Imprest FundAP5109
BP5304Corporate Credit Card Policy




BP5301Procurment PolicyAP5301
 Processing of PurchaseAP5302
 Procesing of Payment PolicyAP5303
BP5330Payroll Policy 
BP5331Attendance and Leave Monitoring PolicyAP5331
BP5350Travel Policy


BP5500Financial ReportingAP5500
BP5601Establishment of Accountability and Movement Assets PolicyAP5601
BP5603Disposal of Surplus Properties


BP5604Use of Instructional EquipmentAP5604
BP5605Vehicle Policy




BP5607Non-Payment of Plant, Trees, Crops Planted on College Property


BP5608Policy to Provide Incentive for the Securing of Grant Funding College of Micronesia-FSM



BP5700Bookstore Operation PolicyAP5700
BP5721Dining Hall OperationAP5721
BP5801Naming Opportunity of Facilities and Programs