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Board of Regents

Chapter 1

Board Policy No.
Related Administrative Procedure No.
  Brief History of the College  
  Past and Present Board Members  
BP1110 Assessment  
BP1200 Membership and Term of Office  
  Current Board Members  
BP1210 Powers and Responsibilites  
BP1211 Appointments of the President/CEO AP1211
BP1212 Policy on Assessing the President AP1212
BP1220 Office of the Board and the President  
BP1221 Board Committees  
BP1300 Board Bylaws  
BP1301 Board Ethical Conduct  
BP1310 Board Meeting  
BP1311 Notice of Meetings and Agenda  
BP1312 Quorom for Transaction of Business  
BP1313 Minutes of Meetings  
BP1320 Attendance and Vacancies  
BP1330 Evaluations AP1330
BP1340 Annual Report  
BP1350 Periodic Survey  
BP1360 Professional Licensure  
BP1400 Financial Management  
BP1401 Limitations on Authorized Expenditures  
  Annual Budget  
BP1420 Report and Auditing Procedures  
BP1430 Board Expenses, Compensation and Honorarium  
BP1431 Indemnification of Members  
BP1440 Investment Policy  
BP1450 Endowment Fund  
BP1460 Fundraising  
BP1500 Roles of the Campuses  
BP1510 Associate Degree Programs  
BP1520 Certificate of Achievement and Programs  
BP1530 Baccalaureate Degree Programs  
BP1540 FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute  
BP1550 Cooperative Research and Extension- Land Grant Programs  
BP1600 Governance Structure