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Administrative Services

The Department of Administrative Services provides the administrative support services at all six campuses system wide.  The Vice President of Administrative Services is responsible for the Business Office, Human Resources Office, Procurement and Asset Management Office, and Maintenance Division. The Director of each office coordinates with the Campus Dean at each site on all matters pertaining to administrative functions of each unit. . 

Each of the State campuses is headed by a Dean who reports directly to the Vice President for Instructional Affairs.  All administrative functions at each campus report to the Dean in collaboration with the head of each unit or division at the National Campus.  Effective communication and quality customer service are the priorities of this department, both within the college and to external stakeholders and the general public.

Our mission is to build the human resources capacity;  to provide a healthy and safe working and learning environment;   to  ensure sufficient and well – managed fiscal resources that will maintain financial stability, support the academic mission of the college, ensure continuous improvement based on planning, and assessment of our programs and services as indicated in the Integrated Educational Master Plan.